Why Didn't We Save the Shoe?

There was another event at the Mid-South Coliseum last month featuring live music and wrestling matches, all supporting the goal of revitalizing the long-dormant dome.


Don’t get me wrong; I love the Coliseum. I saw Elvis there as a kid, from second the top row, with my family (at least I think I saw him… it was just a speck). I saw Jerry Lawler pile-drive a bunch of dudes there. I saw monster trucks sling mud all the way up to and against the sides of the building. I saw circuses and Tiger games and even Disney-themed atrocities (my kids loved them anyways).


No, I want to know why we didn’t save the Shoe, that beautifully ridiculous shoe-shaped building on Lamar. I remember the excitement my sister and I experienced from the backseat when we knew we were going to be passing it. Wait… wait… wait… THERE IT IS!


I get it.


Progress marches on, and times change. We can’t save every cool, funky building in town, but we can keep them in our hearts and our memories.


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